Dr. Lee Smyk

smykLee Smyk, M.D., graduated from Komensky University, a medical school in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, where he also completed his residency in obstetrics and gynecology. He also did part of his residency at The Department of OB-GYN in the University of Florida. In addition, he has a Ph.D in Pharmacology.

Dr. Smyk is married with two children and is fluent in: Slovak, French, Russian, Croatian , Polish and English.

Dear Dr. Smyk,

Thank you so much for being there for us on Gunnar's big day! Words cannot express how much we appreciate you showing up not only in support but also in the OR. The scar looks excellent. Thank you so much for ensuring the health of our little one & for outting mom back together again! Wishing you all the best & thank you again so much!

Mike, Lindsey & Baby Gunnar

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Iris was extremely thorough and professional when escorting me to the treatment area and sharing information to provide to the doctor to aid in decisions. Excellent service from the entire staff that was present. Dr. Smyk was also very knowledgeable and willing to answer all of my questions.

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