orlando obstetricsNormal Pregnancies

A pregnancy is one of the most amazing times in a woman's lifetime. Having the best in healthcare and the right healthcare provider is essential to your successful pregnancy experience and for a successful delivery of your baby. The Women’s Center of Orlando provides full pregnancy care, from prenatal through delivery, and our experienced healthcare providers can help guide you through every step of the way during this miraculous journey.

Quality prenatal care is imperative to the healthy development of your baby. Regularly scheduled appointments are highly recommended and will allow for one of our healthcare providers to consistently monitor the health of your baby. We will check your baby’s heart rate and your blood pressure, urine and weight gain.

At the Women’s Center of Orlando we perform sonograms at every visit to monitor the health of your baby and to visually check on your baby's development. With normal pregnancies we perform “glamour shots,” which are fairly brief duration sonograms that help us monitor your baby while at the same time provide you photos of your baby. We absolutely love that we get to introduce you to your baby for the first time, and by the responses we receive from our patients, they love it too!

OB/Prenatal Care

      •  Ultrasound 3D/4D
      •  Prenatal Genetic Screening
      •  Genetic Counseling
      •  Glucose Screening
      •  Child Birthing Class
      •  Certified Midwives

High Risk Pregnancies

The Women’s Center of Orlando also provides excellent care for high risk pregnancies, which includes women with pre-existing medical conditions, multiple births or high risk pregnancies that can potentially carry a risk of complications. High blood pressure, Diabetes, thyroid disorders, heart disease or cancer can all complicate a pregnancy, so proper planning and monitoring is imperative. Gestational diabetes, premature birth and numerous miscarriages will make frequent appointments with our healthcare providers imperative.

All of our healthcare providers partner with their patients in order to ensure the safe and successful delivery of you baby. It’s what we do at The Women’s Center of Orlando, and it’s part of why we are known throughout the Central Florida region as one of the most highly respect women;s health care providers in the Greater Orlando area.

Important Information For New/Prospective Parents

In the past two years, there have been two major policy changes by national healthcare organizations concerning HIV testing in pregnant women and cystic fibrosis screening in new or prospective new mothers. Recently, there have been exciting advances in prenatal Genetic Screening that now can be offered to women under age 35 or reduce the need for genetic amniocentesis. In addition, you should be aware of dietary precautions for pregnant women that were announced by the Food and Drug Administration in 2001.

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