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Endometrial Ablation

Patient had ablation performed 8 months ago and is very happy.

Patient had an Endometrial Ablation by Dr Gearity over 5 years ago because of heavy flow and pain. She is very happy with only a little spotting and no pain.

Patient had Endometrial Ablation three months ago and now has normal cycles of two days and is very happy!

Patient had an endometrial Ablation and Essure two years ago by Dr Gearity and is very happy.

Patient recently had endometrial ablation with Dr Gearity and is happy with ease of the procedure.

Patient explains that she had a endometrial ablation done and continues to have cycles but very happy!

Patient is very happy that an endometrial Ablation has been performed by Dr Gearity.

Patient: L.C: This spanish speaking patient discusses her procedure, Endometrial Ablation, which was done by Dr. Gearity. The patient had such a pleasant experience she referred her sister for to get the Endometrial Ablation who also had a pleasant outcome.