Early Detection of Breast Cancer, 8 Reasons Why Regular Screening Saves Lives

Annual mammograms can detect cancer early — when it is most treatable. Here are 8 reasons why you need a regular mammogram screening:

  1. Regular mammograms increase your breast cancer survival rate by 30%.
  2. Mammograms can detect a lump two years before you can feel it during a self-examination.
  3. More than 246,660 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year.
  4. More than 40,000 women lose their lives to this disease annually.
  5. Breast cancer is the number one most common cancer in women.
  6. A mammogram takes only 30 minutes of your time.
  7. Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 American women.
  8. Less than 15% of women with breast cancer have a family member with this disease.

The Women’s Center of Orlando is known for having the best in technology, best in quality health care providers and best in convenience for its patient in all six locations. We have even made it possible to book your mammogram and annual exam in the same visit! We also offer 3D Mammograms at our Hunter’s Creek office which detects 41% more invasive breast cancers and reduces false positives by up to 40%.

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