Having Anxiety Over Having a Mammogram? We Have No Appointment Delays at The Women’s Center!

Mammogram anxiety has become part of my routine process and maybe yours. Regardless of all the information we have about technological advances in detecting and treating breast cancer in its early stages, we still get nervous and want to procrastinate, or just totally avoid getting a mammogram.  I recognize this fear in me but I also know that early detection is key in saving lives. This uneasiness is temporary.  Once I get it done, I feel empowered as I am a mammogram hero, I did it!  I just can’t wait for the card to come in the mail and look at the check mark in front of the “Normal” line. It feels like winning a prize!

If you are new to the process, or ever nervous, here are a few tips to cope with mammogram anxiety:


At The Women’s Center of Orlando you can have your 3D Mammogram done in the comfort of the office. This technology is a breakthrough in cancer detection.

Having the test done at my doctor’s office was convenient for me and the familiarity of the staff added peace of mind to the process. There is NO LONG WAIT for mammograms and you can schedule your annual exam at the same appointment.

If you need more information about 3D Mammograms, now offered at the Hunter’s Creek office, you can call 407.857.2502 today or click Ask the Nurse!

The Women’s Center, delivering joy, convenience and peace of mind.

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