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The Women’s Center Welcomes Two New Providers to Our Family!

The Women’s Center of Orlando is growing again with two new health care providers. We would like to welcome Dr. Priya Patel and Certified Midwife, Kaitlyn Zipoli!

Dr. Priya Patel earned her undergraduate degree right here from Valencia Community College where she was on the Honors society and named in multiple President and Deans Awards lists.

She then entered St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine, Grand Cayman Islands. Upon graduating from that institution, she completed her internship and residency training at Monmouth Medical Center, NJ where she received awards for both academic performance and patient care, serving as Chief resident in her final year.

Dr. Patel specializes in a range of womens issues beginning from adolescence and going on to menopause including but not limited to pregnancy, annual well women exams and abnormal uterine bleeding. Dr. Patel is also able to perform in-office procedures and minimally invasive surgeries.

Kaitlyn Zipoli is an experienced Certified Nurse Midwife who is dedicated to empowering her patients to actively participate in their pregnancy journey. Through education and utilization of the body’s natural physiology, she strives to facilitate a safe and positive pregnancy and birth experience, while working side by side with her physicians.

In addition to managing pregnancy and birth, Kaitlyn is a strong advocate for teens and young women looking for an introduction to reproductive health, education, safe sexual practices, and birth control. A native of Florida, Kaitlyn attended the University of Florida where she received her Bachelor and Masters degree in nursing, training in a top OB teaching hospital that further shaped her love for midwifery and women’s health.

Kaitlyn has had training in high-risk hospitals as well as midwife run birth centers. With a desire to explore cultural diversity in maternity care, Kaitlyn spent a short time caring for women in Argentina, after which she returned to her hometown of south Florida in 2012 to work with a high risk OB department.

Newly relocated to Orlando, Kaitlyn is excited to bring her knowledge and experiences to the women of the City Beautiful. When she is not busy catching babies, Kaitlyn enjoys reading, water sports, and playing the ukulele.

For appointment information for both Dr. Priya Patel and Certified Midwife Kaitlyn Zipoli call 407.857.2502 or visit our website at

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