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Dr. G Women's Center Newsletter will be published regularly to provide a concise and relevant message on health facts, health challenges and health solutions that affect both women and men. There is a huge amount of health information and "misinformation" that is available online. Quite often this makes it extremely challenging for individuals to know where to turn for accurate information that they can trust. One of this newsletter's goal is to provide accurate and impacting information to the public.

We encourage all of our readers to contact us with thoughts, comments, and suggestions so that we can provide what people are looking for in health information. Every day in our Women's Center and Metamorphosis offices we take the time to respectfully discuss health issues with our patients so they can inform decisions about their health. This newsletter avails us that same opportunity "outside our offices" via the internet.

We would love to hear from you as our newsletter grows and evolves. If you feel that we are sharing valuable health-based information then we ask you to help us reach as many people as possible by sharing our newsletter and health articles via our social media links. If you wish to recommend other companies to be added to our mailing list please ask them to forward their name and address to us.

Thank you for reading our newsletter. We will try to keep our future issues as informative and interesting as we can.



  1. What is Considered Abnormal Bleeding in Women?
  2. Flu and Flu Vaccine In Pregnancy Not Tied to Autism
  3. Are Women Tougher Physically Than Men?
  4. Strengthen Your Core... Crawl Like An Infant!
  5. Six Signs Your PMS Might Be Something Serious
  6. Cyberchondria... Do You Google Self Diagnose?
  7. The Zika Virus and Pregnant Women
  8. Do You Know the Symptoms of a Heart Attack?
  9. Zika Virus Disease Q & A
  10. How to Prevent Zika
  11. Zika Virus Transmission
  12. Zika Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment
  13. How to Protect Against Mosquito Bites
  14. Infertility Issues?
  15. Breast Cancer
  16. Essential Health Screenings
  17. Drop and Give Me 8
  18. Tat's All Folks
  19. Sleeplessness in Menopausal Women
  20. Flu Shot or No Flu Shot?
  21. Breastfeeding... Is It For You?
  22. Cervical Cancer Awareness
  23. Know Breast Cancer Syndromes
  24. Who Needs the HPV Vaccine?
  25. Eating More Fruit Makes Baby Smarter?
  26. A Woman’s Brain Actually Changes Size During Menstrual Cycles
  27. Six Health Mistakes Pregnant Women Make
  28. Migraines Affect Three Times More Women
  29. What Health Benefits Does Breastfeeding Give My Baby?
  30. Women Face a Higher Risk of Strokes Than Men
  31. Tips to Managing Diabetes While Pregnant
  32. January is Cervical Cancer Month
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