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Strengthening Your Core by Crawling Around Like an Infant Might Be the Newest Trend!


Looking for a stronger “core” in 2017? Perhaps you should consider crawling around as an infant would… it’s something you may see more and more women (and men) do in 2017!

Workshops and classes are popping up all over the United States encouraging their clients to return to one of the most fundamental human movements, crawling, as a method of physical strength training. The physical workout classes, which began around 2012 and gained traction on social media recently, have rock, roll, squat and crawl as a way to build more solid muscle mass and core strength.

So, If you see a pack of grown adults crawling around like infants on the workout mats at your local gym, in search of a stronger core could be the purpose behind all that activity.

Having a strong core isn’t all about vanity or a drive toward the perfect six-pack. Your core actually includes any muscle that is going to give you a nice, stable base. This includes your trunk, abdomen or any muscle area that a corset would cover on the body.

Building strength in your center region is an excellent goal to work toward. It can contribute to improved posture, decreased back pain and an overall increase in flexibility throughout your body. That can include everyday activities like getting up off the couch or popping out of bed in the morning.

So, can crawling around as an exercise regiment actually make a positive difference? At this point, it’s not an absolute fact, but it’s possible. It could be highly beneficial to move about in ways beyond what we normally think of as a “workout.”

Remember… if you don’t use it, you lose it ― whether that’s muscle, bone or brain activity.
If crawling around assists you in engaging your muscles in a healthy manner ― then why not? It’s definitely exercise!

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