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Colposcopy Specialist

The Women's Center

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Colposcopy plays an important role in helping to prevent cervical cancer and providing information about various other gynecological concerns. The expert OB/GYN team at The Women's Center performs colposcopy procedures at convenient locations in Orlando, St. Cloud, Altamonte Springs, Oviedo, Ocoee, Winter Park and Celebration, Florida. For the highest quality of care in colposcopy procedures, call or book an appointment online.

Colposcopy Q & A

What is colposcopy?

Colposcopy is a procedure in which your provider at The Women’s Center examines your cervix through a special instrument called a colposcope. The colposcope has a light and magnifying lens that enlarges the view of your cervix.

This procedure makes it easier for your provider to detect signs of disease that would otherwise be impossible to see with the naked eye.

Why would I need a colposcopy?

Your provider at The Women’s Center may recommend colposcopy if your Pap test or pelvic exam reveals abnormal changes to your cervical cells. Colposcopy provides more information about these abnormal cells.

This procedure may be used to diagnose various problems, including:

  • Precancerous changes in tissues of the cervix
  • Precancerous changes in vaginal tissues
  • Inflammation of the cervix
  • Genital warts on the cervix
  • Noncancerous growths such as polyps

Sometimes you may need more than one colposcopy, such as to evaluate the effectiveness of a particular treatment.

What happens during a colposcopy?

If possible, you should schedule colposcopy for a time when you’re not having your menstrual period. This provides your OB/GYN with a clear view of your cervix.

During colposcopy, you lie on your back on the exam table with your feet in supports, as you would for a pelvic exam. Your provider at The Women’s Center inserts a speculum and gently spreads it to reveal your cervix.

Then, they position the colposcope just outside your vaginal opening. They may swab your cervix with a mild solution that makes the areas of abnormal tissue easier to see.

If your provider detects suspicious tissue, they may perform a biopsy. This involves removing a small sample of cervical tissue with a special instrument.  

What should I expect after a colposcopy procedure?

Recovery from colposcopy depends on whether you’ve had a biopsy with the procedure. If you didn’t have a biopsy, you won’t require any recovery time and can resume normal activities right away.

After a colposcopy with a biopsy, you may experience pain and vaginal bleeding for a day or two. Your provider may suggest you rest and limit activity while your cervix heals. They may also recommend you avoid sex and using tampons for a short time.

For more information about colposcopy procedures, call The Women’s Center or book an appointment online today.